Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Serendipity Quilt

I love quilting.  I love everything about it.  I love picking out fabrics.  I love cutting into fabrics.  I love watching online tutorials and sewing and cutting again, and piecing and basting and backing and bordering and binding.  When I finish one, it's right onto the next.

I like pre-cut fabrics because they give you a wide variety of fabrics that still go well together, and are already cut into perfect little pieces for you to play with.  I also love the amount of tutorials online you can find for precut fabrics.

This one comes from Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

A lot of precut tutorials leave you with a scrappy look.  It's busy and a little messy and it's not my favorite look, but I was dying to try this serendipity quilt.  She calls it a serendipity quilt because, by nature of the construction of the block, you get another block, almost by accident, completely different from the first.

It was really fun to construct and piece back together like a puzzle.

I was really good at geometry in high school and was always disappointed that you had to take two years of algebra but only one of geometry.  Now I finally get to use all of that and make pretty things :)

I had some leftover blocks that I couldn't get to look right on the front, so I put them on the back.  In hindsight I should have purchased two charm packs to go with my one jelly roll, which I ended up using as the sashing.  It turned out nicely but I could have had a lot more blocks to work with if I'd had an extra charm pack.  Then I could have used white sashing and it would be less busy.

I'm going to bind it in white and let it hang out on my middle daughter's bed.  It's not quite a twin size but I think it will work just fine on her bed.

This was a really fun, really quick technique and Jenny is so much fun to watch.  You can get lost forever on her YouTube channel.  Check it out sometime :)


  1. Hey! I work for Missouri Star Quilt Company and I just stumbled upon your quilt. It's so pretty!! Do you mind if I pin this on pinterest?

  2. Elisabeth, I would love it! Thanks so much!