Monday, January 9, 2012

Mod Podge :)

I have discovered Mod Podge.  I don't know why I've never heard of it before; maybe because my mom doesn't really do this kind of crafting, but I like it :)  I hope I won't go too crazy on it and drive the hubs nuts.

Mod Podge is a brand name; it's a glue and sealant suitable for use on many different materials.  It's about 8 bucks at Michael's.

I've only completed one project so far, but I will update this post when I finish the other.  I hit a snag and had to walk away from it.

Here's the one I finished:

It's scrapbook paper mod podged to mini canvases, with ribbon glued to the back for hanging.

The recipient didn't have a name picked out.

It's difficult to take pictures while covered in wet glue, so that's all you get visually, but here's a written tutorial :)  This is a combination of ideas I got on Pinterest:  one of mod podging photos to canvas, and another of mod podging scrapbook paper to wood.

Cut squares, slightly smaller than 4 x 4, in your desired paper to go on the front of the canvas.

Measure the sides of your canvas and cut strips to wrap around the sides, slightly narrower than the side of the canvas. 

My cuts are a little too large, I think it would have worked better if I'd cut them smaller.

Cut letters out of desired paper - I used my cricut, and the Learning Curve cartridge.  They are 3" letters with a shadow.

Lighter paper works better than cardstock.

Adhere your letters to your square papers using scrapbook adhesive.

Using a craft brush of some kind, apply mod podge to front of canvas, then to back of square paper, and adhere, smoothing with the handle of your paintbrush to get rid of air bubbles.

Allow to dry (it doesn't take long) and repeat with sides of canvas, then cover the whole thing in more mod podge.  It will look milky white but dries beautifully clear, and now the whole thing will be sealed from minor damages.

You will have some white canvas peeking through on the edges.  Use a sponge brush to apply paint for the fuzzy edged look I have here, and to cover up the rest of the canvas.

Cut desired lengths of ribbons (mine are 9"), tie them in a bow at the top, and attach the ends to the back of the canvas using super glue.

That's it :)  I would love to do it in neutral colors spelling out our last name, to hang over the front door.   

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