Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chocolate Cabernet Cupcakes

After the unbridled success of the Sparkling Champagne Cupcakes I made on New Year's Eve, I was inclined to further browse Sprinkle Bakes for more of her amazing creations.  I came across these Chocolate Chianti Cupcakes.  Hubs is a big Cabernet fan and he loves it with chocolate, so I figured this would be equally awesome.

They were awesome, but I like the champagne batch better.

Full credit for this goes to Sprinkle Bakes.

You start by making a little dark chocolate sauce, then mixing up your plain ole' cupcake batter.  You then add chocolate and red wine, alternating between the two.
I made these on my birthday.

I ran out of cupcake papers and had to switch to minis, so I'm glad these do not have a filling.  I love LOVE love mini cupcakes though.

They bake flat but they turn out moist and delicious.

The frosting was the disappointment here; I think I added too much raw wine at the end and it separated.

 It still tasted really good, and it gave it a speckled color which isn't TOO unappetizing, I suppose.

I can't eat these cupcakes fast enough and they sit around for a week before I finally decide I probably shouldn't be eating them anymore.  I should probably freeze some next time.

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