Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zzzz's, Capes, and Honey Mustard.

I have not blogged in a few days because I've been utterly exhausted, as my children went on a sleeping strike.  A new tooth and a Twilight Turtle nightlight seemed to have fixed both their issues for the moment, and I woke up not wanting to inject caffeine straight into my veins.  So here I am!  I would even cook tonight if my husband's schedule weren't so crazy.

My husband Justin made the last of my seven new recipes, Sesame Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard sauce, and he did an awesome job as always.  He's a good cook and usually does the breakfast at our house.  This recipe required him to dip the chicken "tenders" (I use cutlets for everything, though) in egg mixed with honey mustard, then a mixture of crushed almonds, sesame seeds, and bread crumbs before lightly frying and finally transferring to the oven.  Super easy, and yum-O!!!  He got the edges a little too black and crispy (which he swears is the fault of the recipe) before putting it in the oven.  You just have to pay attention to the heat on the stove, and know your pans to make sure they don't get too hot.  Just because the recipe says medium-high heat doesn't mean it has to stay at that setting the entire time.  You have to use your common sense too.  Once the chicken is browned, transfer it to the oven to finish cooking through, and then serve it with some more honey mustard.  Honey mustard is just that, honey and mustard mixed together.  You can make it yourself, just like that, or you can use your favorite store-bought brand.  I am quite the connossieur of honey mustard and the best I've found is at Steak and Sheak, but they don't sell it.  We used Gulden's Mustard to mix with the honey and it was pretty good.  I would have added a little more honey to my portion, but my husband really likes mustard so it was probably too sweet for him.  I would certainly make this in the future as a quick comfort go-to; when I really want steak and shake but can't have it for whatever reason.  I wish I'd had this recipe when I was pregnant with my oldest.

The next night we made the coconut chicken again because the ingredients I purchased were enough for two nights of it.  That's another reason I will definitely be using that recipe a lot as a staple.  Aaaaand last night I had a peanut butter sandwich.  I told you I have nights like that!!

The Henry VIII cape is going to be AWESOME.  I'm super-excited about it; I think it will look great.   I'm pretty impressed with my skills considering I've never made anything much before.  Maybe a pillowcase in seventh grade or something.  The fur trim is coming along nicely.

Tonight my husband is going to a friend's house for a beer-tasting event so I'll have a little alone time; not a bad thing in small doses :)  And we'll be back to our old staples for a few days before trying my next batch of new recipes.

Happy Slumbering :)  Good luck with that........

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