Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mickey Quilt

We're a Disney family.  You knew that already.  So when I stumbled across some Mickey fabric from Hobby Lobby I had to make a quilt for my mom.

She's been following the process on facebook and so far she loves it.

This is a queen-sized quilt with over 400 little squares but it went together really quickly.

First I came up with a design and mapped it out on graph paper to determine how much fabric I would need.  I had seen paper piecing circles before, but am still intimidated by that technique, so I figured out my own way ;)

After cutting all the small squares, he next thing I did was assemble the Mickey ears and applique them to the white blocks.

To do this I cut a black square and a white circle.  The diameter of the circle is the same as the diagonal measurement of the square.  (roughly.  It doesn't really matter because I was cutting away excess.)

 I sewed all around the circle (right sides together) and then trimmed the seam. This to me was easier than cutting extra circles before sewing them. Then I cut a slit in the white fabric, which will not be seen in the final quilt, and turned the whole thing inside out. Give it a press and you've got perfect black fabric circles with finished edges. :)

I pinned it to the white block in my desired orientation sewed around the edges, and it turned out super cute!!!

Then I just assembled the rows like a traditional patchwork, pressing seams in opposite directions row by row and nesting seams to create perfect lines in the quilt top.

I love it :)

You can see it's symmetrical - five rows across and down between the top Mickeys and the middle Mickeys.  I think with a quilt like this, you should map it out first even if you want it to look wonky.  I didn't quite have enough of the plaid fabric so I had to make changes before sewing.  That's something you want to find out as early as possible!

The quilting was intimidating but I had nice crisp seams to guide me and was able to do it with no problem after rolling the quilt tightly so it would fit in the little gap of my machine.  I went with simple diagonal lines, and squares quilted around the Mickey blocks.

I gave it a wash and it's ready to send off to Mom!

See ya real soon!

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